Doctor Name Status
Dr. Jeffrey Dai Speaks Mandarin. Off Wednesdays.
Dr. Marilyn Lee Retired. Dr. Lee’s Retirement Letter
Dr. William Louie Retired.
Dr. Michael Mah

About Us

The doctors in Mt. Pleasant Medical Clinic are members of the Foothills Primary Care Network and our pleased to offer the services of Amy Lam, pharmacist and Certified Diabetic Educator, and Erica Tam, RN and Chronic Disease Nurse. Amy works on Wednesday afternoons, and Erica on Thursday afternoons.

Mt. Pleasant Medical Clinic offers liquid nitrogen treatment for warts and other skin lesions.

If you have an urgent health issue on weekends, evenings, or holidays, you can see a family physician at the Access 365 Clinic at the Riley Park site (old Grace Hospital on 14th street NW). To book an appointment, please call Health Link by dialing 811 to discuss your case with a nurse and to book an appointment.

We are looking forward to serving you and helping you stay as healthy as possible!